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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Well...I had fun!

Last night I went out for a friend's 30th birthday.
This is the sort of night out I would have dreaded a few years ago, but I love it and loved getting dressed up too!
We were meant to dress up like I tried!
We had a cocktail making session at 4pm...and then went out dancing...until 2am.

L-R Rachel, Nat, me
Lisa and I making a Santa Baby cocktail
Everyone (I only knew Lisa and Nat)

Downing a shot with no hands!
Telling Nat how to make a cocktail blind folded. We lost the challenge and I had to drink a Chillie Shot..yuk!
I did wear false eye lashes which I loved and will definitely be wearing them again...I drank too much of everything...which I wont be doing again in a hurry!

I slept until 1pm today, before I woke up from my drunken stupor and we all (David, Ada and I) went out to see friends and family at a local craft market and got tea at Chapter....I had a lovely day.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Ada and I are visiting my Dad and Step mum for the last few days of my 2-week holiday. Ada has been mega excited all day running around like a lunatic!
She got a few belated birthday presents including colouring pens and a princess colouring and sticker book which are some of her favourite things at the moment. She also got given a bath and taken to bed with no input from me at all! I love grandparents!

This is Jenny (my youngest sister) and I being silly...thanks to Russell for taking the you think we look at all alike?

Speaking of family, Bethan (David's sister) has just got back from China (she was there for a week with work) and posted this picture on Facebook today, she loves cuddling up to watch films so I can imagine this blanket is her idea of heaven!!

And on a final family note, Dave's nephew Jack was 11 today! Happy Birthday Jack!
Looks like he got lots of presents!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Christmas wish list...

I know I know, it's not even December yet, but I can't help thinking about Christmas, as although I'm not a fan of 'Gifts under £5' posts...I might as well make a little wish list...

I think this is what David is getting me:
I love the freshness of this apple perfume!
Some pretty underwear (these are from
I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for this from David for my birthday (which is on Boxing day!!)

I LOVE Ollie and Nic bags, my current one is a few years old and a little worse for wear..and this one will add a bit of colour to any outfit!

We have very little money for present buying this year, so I'm hoping we can find some sweet little gifts for family and friends. We have a budget and we will have to stick to it!

I'd rather spend lots of days together over Christmas with all the family, eating drinking and spending time together, rather than worrying about what to buy for who(m?)....we do lots of visiting and I do actually enjoy it! Really I do! xxx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Party time - Ada is 3!!

So, this past weekend was full of presents, cake, an excited Ada, family and friends!

This morning in the car Ada said she was sad because it wasn't her birthday any more and she would have to give all her presents back! Bless her.


Saturday started off with presents in bed, then a trip to town to watch Brave (Ada's first real cinema trip that she remembers) and frozen yogurt with smarties and sprinkles...

The same card from Daddad Bob and Aunty Lucy!
All dressed up for the cinema in her new clothes!
Cinema toilets! (I am 3 badge)
Frozen yogurt with sprinkles.
After that we headed home, via the shops for party food, baked a cake and waited for family to arrive with more presents!
Ballerina Ada. 
Ada with cousin Tia, me with the cake.
On Sunday we headed over to Neath to visit Ada's Great Grandparent (Dave's Dad's parents) and then back to Cardiff for the party - Bowling and an Italian meal!
All of our friends came bowling (17 of us!) and 18 of us went for the meal...

Winning at bowling!
G and Bill.
At the Italian Ada got spoilt rotten by all the waiters. She got a special birthday ice cream and 5 biscuits at various points during the evening! She absolutely loved the attention.

Throughout the weekend she kept saying to people "this is my best birthday ever!" - so I think she enjoyed it.

The big girl blowing out her candle.
We also had the great news today that we got funding for Ada to go to the Welsh nursery we want, she'll start in January, along with her Dance lessons! She's growing up so fast!!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Birthday weekend!!

This weekend Ada is 3!! Wow, how did that happen?

We've got lots of fun things planned so hopefully there will be some photos to show you next week...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Birthday month...

It's Dave's birthday this month, and he wont let me forget it although I have on a number of occasions already!)

I have already bought him his present - half of his beloved Nexus 7 with his mum, although I'm sure I'll get him a little something for the day!

We went out for one of his birthday treats on Monday this week, a meal and wine tasing at Italian restaurant Casanova.

Photos of Casanova, Cardiff
This photo of Casanova is courtesy of TripAdvisor

It was lovely and we had a really good evening - and ended up being a little tipsy!

We bought the menu home, so I'll post a picture of it later, but my food was vegetarian (and so not on the menu) it was something like this:

Primi - Goats chese, beetroot and rocket salad (with a Rose Prosecco)

Secondi - Aubergine and tomato compote (?) with mozzarella (with a white wine)

Pasta - Oricietti pasta with broccoli and chillies (with a red wine)

Dolce - Almond and polenta cake with creme fresh and mixed berries (with a dessert wine)

It was all very yummy!!

Last night I really fancied a milk shake, so we wlked into town after work meaning to go to Ed's Diner for said milkshake, we ended up eating in town at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and having a milkshake there as well as burgers and chips. It was lovely (although Ada wouldn't eat anything!).

Here are a few pictures...

Bean burger and roasted corn.

Ada being silly.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Day 18

Your favourite birthday...

Not any of my birthdays - my birthday is on Boxing Day and so gets mixed in with Christmas and never really stands out - Ada's First Birthday was lovely though...we had a week of celebrating with a family party on her actual birthday and a baby party on the weekend...we got them all to wear hats!