Thursday, 8 November 2012


I am sooo broke right now but I couldn't resist a few dresses in the £10 sale at Max C London!!! Eek
Thanks Rachel the Hat for the tip off!

They should be here next week! (I just hope they fit, I NEVER buy clothes online!)

I went for these two pretties!!

Not the greatest of pictures, but follow the links for more detail!

I will post some outfit pics when I get them (and IF they fit!)


Lisa said...

Want :-) x

Sian said...

I'm glad you posted this as I spotted that starry dress the other day and was still thinking about buying it! Love it!

I Am Me said...

did you get it sian? x

Sian said...

No luckily, we'd probably have both turned up wearing it to something!

Rachel The Hat said...

YAY for shopping haha! sorry, am i an encourager? naughty me.. but a tenner is amazing right!! Love the navy scalloped edge dress so so much! cant wait to see them on you! i've just posted a post where i am asking for favours (a vote for south wales blogger comp) wondered if you could help with a vote or two? xxx

I Am Me said...

yep, i have voted for you!!
and a tenner per dress is a bargain not to be missed! x

erica vee said...

omg i almost bought that dress too but was restrained at the last minute! thanks for stopping by, lets keep in touch! x