Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Black and blue...

I have had a busy week, and have the bruises to show for it!

On Saturday morning, I went paint balling with three other girls from CRG. I had never been before (and wont be going again!) but thought it would be fun. We had a laugh after the nerves subsided, and enjoyed 4 games. We decided to leave before 'The Hunger Games' in the afternoon as we were covered in bruises already.

(Kelly, Claire, Me, Claire)

Sunday we went for a picnic at Tredegar House and let the kids run/crawl around and enjoy the sunshine, then we took the back lanes home through St Brides and counted the horses on the sides of the road! (There is a large Traveller camp in the area).

Last night we had a scrimmage with another local team at 'Derby training, we won (although I'm keeping the score to myself) and had a great time, the team's blocking skills have improved so much! We are awsome!

I have a quiet night in tonight as David will be at Local Sports Team practise, so I may do a bit of tidying and watch a bit of TV....exciting!

I really need to get back to the gym and get it into my routine now I'm back at work, but that is proving easier said than done...

Oh, on Mondays Ada has started taekwondo, and she is loving it. This week we paid for her lessons and she got her uniform called a dobok. So cute!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A mother of 2...

So, I am now a mother of 2 beautiful (if infuriating at times) children.

I had 9 months off with Irving (and Ada) and have just gone back to work 3 days a week, to ease myself back in.

My time off went quickly, and was challenging. Having 2 little ones to look after on my own all day, breastfeeding for the first time (it didn't work out with Ada) and getting used to the school run and the general feeling of being very needed and very responsible for 2 little people.

They are of course both gorgeous and I wouldn't change them for the world, but I can't deny there are lots of raised voices, tears and stressful moments at home at the moment. I'm hoping once I get used to being back at work and settle into a routine, I'll be less uptight and will make sure to make the most of being at home when I am.

At the moment, the house is a bomb site with piles of washing and washing up, dust, sick and other such stuff on the floors etc....sometimes I just don't like being in the house that much because I just feel I should be doing house work all the time until it is all clean and fresh.... But I also know I need to 'enjoy the moment' more, appreciate Irving while he's little and enjoy Ada and all her eccentricities!

Here's to my beautiful children x

You may notice that Ada's fring has had a 'trim', she did it all by herself! 

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Baby has arrived!!

Irving was born at home on Thursday night. Everything went swimmingly, just as it did with Ada almost 4 years ago!! He was born very quickly and easily (for me!) or as easily as a baby can be born x

I feel excellent already, considering I gave birth just under 2 days ago!! And am looking forward to getting back to my old self and working out our new life with 2 kiddies!!

Very surprised baby turned out to be a boy, but very happy and very proud.

Ada is also a very proud big sister. She's been very kind, gentle and helpful over the last two days, but is also being a bit silly at times, wanting attention...I'm sure it'll all balance out. She's also starting school nursery on Wednesday, so she'll be making new friends and coming home tired! and Irving and I and Daddy will have a few hours quiet time (David is off work for 4 weeks! yay!)

So, here he is...

My family x
Big sister Ada x

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Sucky things, weddings and birthday fun...

We spent a lovely Saturday evening with Friends at a pop-up Smokehouse eatery for our friend Andy's birthday last weekend.

I went a bit photo crazy - they are all on Facebook but I thought I'd pop them on here too anyway...

Ada enjoying her food

Ada, Andy (birthday boy) and Arianwen
All the dads and babies - Gareth, Andy & David
The weekend before (I haven't posted for a month!) we went to Derbyshire for my little sisters wedding which was lovely...

Ada and I - dresses from Mamas and Papas and Joules
All the sisters/sisters in law + babies & bumps - Middle = Ada, me, Jenny (little sister/bride) Helen (middle sister)
Me looking rather tired after a hot and sticky sleepless night and an early wake up call from Ada!
Ada and cousin Huxley
Ada and cousin Huxley   

Russell and Jenny (Bride and Groom)
The wedding took place on a farm in the Derbyshire Dales, pretty much in the middle of no where!
There was a free ice cream van, a hog roast, tea and cakes, silly games and a was lovely!

The only down side was my Dad and Step mum weren't able to attend as my dad has been ill and still wasn't well enough! He was gutted and we were gutted..but over all it was an almost perfect day!

Finally...on a bit of a downer, we have to replace out boiler...6 weeks before the baby is due and using all the money we had put aside for when my maternity pay kicks in...
Ah well, we have to wait a week, but by next Thursday we should have a shiny new boiler and hot water again! Yay!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Catch up...

Last Thursday we went to meet the newest addition to our lovely circle of friends...Arianwen.

Doesn't Andy look like the proudest, happiest Dad!? 

Sian (mummy) was looking great too, very in control! I remember not getting dressed for the first few weeks after Ada was born!

We're looking forward to having one of these of our own soon!

I'm loving these two at the moment...

I'm looking like this...
(only 2 and a half months to go!)
I'm obsessing over this...(organising and de-cluttering = nesting)

from Pintrest
from Pintrest
And I'm looking forward to getting back to this!

Friday, 14 June 2013


My car died a few months ago, and since then I've been car-less and reliant on lifts and public transport.

I've invested in an iff Card to use on Cardiff Buses and get a weekly rail pass to and from work - this saves about £20 a week on fairs, which isn't bad!

Here are a few pictures of my morning commute..most days I don't mind it at all, as I get to people watch and read, either Metro or my book...sometimes just my phone...some days it's wet, the buses are full and slow, I'm running can be a bit of a drag, but it's no worse than sitting in traffic in the car.

Lovely old tiles and my platform
Rush hour at Cardiff Central
On the platform
Glad to be out of the rain
Weekly ticket
What I'm reading

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


This month I've set David and myself the challenge of a cash budget.

I have budgeted for the following essentials:
  • Food (roughly £50 per week)
  • Petrol (£120)
  • Travel (public transport for me) (£37 per week for 3 weeks - I'm on AL for the last week of June)
  • Hobbies (Skating) (£5 per week for David - I don't need to pay as I'm off skates from now on)
We have then also had £50 each for the month to spend on ourselves - going out, sweet treats, clothes etc. (Would you be happy to only have £50 for a month?)...

We have done OK so far, but it definitely makes a month feel like a loooong time!
It's only the 12th today, and I'm already thinking about next month...18 more days to go, so we're not even half way through yet!

We have spent a bit of money from our Family account, which we pay into monthly and also have Ada's child benefit money paid in to. This pays for family days out (entry fees, ice creams, Ada's pocket money, clothes, treats etc).

Also, I hadn't budgeted for any unseen coasts - for example, yesterday David had to spend £150 on new tyres for the car!

I have left a bit of spare cash in our bills/joint account to make sure we don't go overdrawn unexpectedly, which happened last month - we don't have an overdraft on this account and so if we do go over drawn we get charged, which is annoying!

We are doing OK so far, we will be tight by the end of the month, but if we manage to keep to £50 week for food and don't need too much more petrol we should be OK.

It's hard, but it'll definitely be worth it in a few months when I'm off for Maternity Leave and we get to not pay childcare! Woo!

Anyway, on a brighter note, here's Ada being cute!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Little girls...

Ada loves Thor, Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk, Superman....The Avengers in general...but she also likes Ballet.

Her friend has recently started in her ballet class which had made it all the more fun for her to get up on a Saturday morning!

They go to Mandy and Shirley Morris' School of Dance at Chapter. While the girls are dancing we have coffee, breakfast and a chat.

Here they are in all their Ballet glory!

Photos from our friend Liz x

Friday, 7 June 2013

While I'm on the subject...

I have a plan for how our dining room will be, when we can afford a few things like removing the radiator and replacing it with a lovely column one, moving the dresser, building a fitted cupboard/shelves in an alcove and having a bench and dining table...along with the chalkboard wall I mentioned in my other post...

Here's what I have in mind...

Bench and dining table along the wall as you walk into the room.
Photo from Gumtree
Tall column radiator and antique dresser on other long wall leading to the kitchen.

You can just about see our dresser under all the mess here!

Bella bathrooms
 Built in shelves and/or cupboard...for toy storage or food or both (depending on damp issues!)...

From here
 I would love to get a new floor for this room too, probably the same slate tiles we have continued from the kitchen with a nice rug for the play area.
Our almost finished kitchen

Eventually make the back window into a door into the garden and block up the door in the kitchen, and open the kitchen door way a little to make the rooms feel more like one.

Here's the floor plan to make it a bit clearer...